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Virgin Wines ties up with Curry’s and GWR to boost customer acquisition

// Virgin Wines has formed strategic partnerships with Curry’s and Great Western Railway to help it boost customer acquisition
// The DTC wine retailer will offer Curry’s customers introductory offers for its products and subscriptions, and will become the sole wine supplier on GWR trains

Virgin Wines has struck deals with both Curry’s and Great Western Railway (GWR) to help boost customer acquisition.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine retailer will offer Curry’s customers introductory offers for its wines and subscription schemes, both online and offline.

The tie-up is expected to deliver “a significant number” of new customers over the next 12 months, according to Virgin Wines.

The wine retailer will use email marketing campaigns and in-store promotions to attract Curry’s customers to its offer.

Virgin Wines will also become the sole supplier of wine across GWR’s rail network. The new partnership will see Virgin curate wines for GWR customers, including on its gourmet Pullman Dining service.

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The strategic partnership will also help it drive new customer acquisition and enhance brand exposure across the UK, it said.

The tie-ups come on the pack of Virgin Wines’ partnerships with businesses such as Moonpig, Arena Flowers and Virginia Haywood. 

Virgin Wines reported a dip in both profits and sales earlier this year as it battled shifting consumer habits.

With spiralling inflation continuing to rise and soaring bill prices, it said UK consumers were increasingly holding back when it comes to splurging on non-necessities, including wine.

However, Virgin Wines chief executive Jay Wright said that despite the uncertain market conditions and cost-of-living crisis, the business was feeling “extremely positive”.

He said it had recruited over 17,000 new members in March and April, with the vast majority joining one of its subscription schemes. Wright said this was a record number over the past 12 months, outside of the Christmas peak.

He added: “We have accelerated investment in customer acquisition whilst remaining focused on our disciplined approach, ensuring that marketing cost per acquisition remains stable and the quality of customer remains high.

“Engaging in partnerships with leading brands is central to our customer acquisition strategy. We work extremely hard to provide an exciting and targeted range of products to suit the needs and desires of the customers of our valued partners, and look forward to seeing these partnerships thrive into the future.”

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