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Amazon accuses FTC of harassing top bosses, including Bezos, with “unduly burdensome” demands

Amazon has accused the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of harassing its top executives with “unduly burdensome” demands, including Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy, the Financial Times reported.

The regulator has began a probe into the ecommerce giant, investigating whether it engages in deceptive and misleading techniques to get people to sign up for Amazon Prime.

The FTC is also considering whether Amazon purposefully makes the process more difficult for customers wanting to cancel their Prime membership.

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As a result, 19 Amazon employees have been served individual subpoenas to give evidence on the matter. These include Bezos, Jassy, Amazon’s head of retail Doug Herrington and head of international consumer Russell Grandinetti.

However, Amazon claims the investigation has become “unduly burdensome” on its staff, urging the FTC to “quash or limit” its demands, as their sole purpose is to “harass Amazon’s highest-ranking executives and disrupt its business operations”.

The ecommerce giant claims that briefing Bezos and Jassy to testify on “granular” details would be a “tremendous burden on them”. It has urged the regulator to extend the deadline on providing the relevant information.



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