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Morrisons announces Christmas community support for food banks and charities

Morrisons is to help charities and food banks by committing over 25,000 hours of support from its Community Champions over Christmas.

Across 12 days, it said more than 500 staff will carry out thousands of “acts of kindness” including donating gifts to key workers, giving away flowers and mistletoe and making donations to local charities fighting hunger.

Among projects lined up in the community, the staff will be donating decorations to local refuge centres and spending time helping prepare food at community kitchens.

They will also be gifting hampers to local heroes who have played a big part in supporting their local community, as well as donating gifts to families in need of support.

“I am incredibly proud of our Community Champions who go above and beyond every day for those in need,” said Rebecca Singleton, community director at Morrisons.

“Doing the right thing for our customers and the communities we serve has never been more important, so these 25,000 hours are dedicated to spreading festive cheer – and making good things happen for everyone this Christmas.”


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