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Klarna report reveals sustainability top of luxury consumers’ priorities

Klarna has found that  sustainability and innovation have become key drivers behind luxurious purchases, showing luxury consumer attitudes are changing.

The State of Smooth: Unpacking Luxury in 2022 report commissioned by the leading BNPL and fintech giant found that half of luxury shoppers (46%) made their purchases through ecommerce platforms last year.

Secure payments were highlighted as key for many (41%) when shopping online and that a great majority of shoppers (78%) value ‘trying before they buy,’ or the ability to touch and feel the products before they have to pay.

“Luxury is evolving. Now more than ever we see consumers making high-end purchases because they increasingly care about quality, sustainability and innovation in their shopping experience,” Klarna head of UK Alex Marsh said.

Flexible payment solutions like BNPL have boomed over the past couple of years as fintech has come further to the forefront and customers have developed an interest in trying before they buy when making more high end purchases.

Innovation also comes highly on the list of consumer values, with 75% of shoppers seeing luxury brands’ dedication to bringing out new technologies as critical to their purchase decisions.

The birth of the metaverse has prompted 80% of consumers to consider shopping for luxury items in virtual reality.

Nearly 3 in 5 of high-end shoppers (55%) want to use a mobile app to make luxury purchases.

A further 1 in 2 (53%) are looking for flexible payment options, such as BNPL.


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