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WATCH: M&S unveils new AR shopping app

M&S has unveiled its brand new augmented reality (AR) shopping app which is now available to use in Westfield, White City.

The video, posted by Dent Reality‘s Andrew Hart on Twitter shows a live demo of the app which enables customers to walk around an M&S store with the app showing where specific items are on shelves through an AR filter utilises a smartphone’s camera.

App users are able to create a shopping list where it will then direct them to the items via the live navigation system.

The live navigation system also makes life easier for visually impaired customers, offering a sat-nat-like system for finding items located in the store instead of seeking out help.

A very surreal day. Our AR shopping app is live at M&S pic.twitter.com/GDhPO1LxzE

— Andrew Hart (@AndrewHartAR) January 19, 2022


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