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The Association of Polish Fruit Growers: Difficult situation on the apple market

"The situation on the apple market is difficult, the purchase price of industrial and dessert apples is low, exports are low", - told Mirosław Maliszewski, the president of the Polish Fruit Growers Association.

Retail chains offer a price for apples for consumption below 1 PLN/kg (0,22 Eur/kg), and there are even offers at the level of 0,6 PLN/kg (0,13 Eur/kg). On the other hand, apples in supermarkets are sold much more expensive, and selected fruits can cost even 3-4 PLN/kg (0,67-0,88 Eur/kg).

"There is a breakdown in the industrial and dessert fruit market. The price of industrial apples fell below 0,30 PLN/kg (0,07 Eur/kg), it is low, inadequate to the production costs, which have recently increased significantly", - said Maliszewski. He stressed that there are no cultivation contracts on the apple market, hence the grower does not know what price he will get for the fruit he sells.

Apple prices. How much will farmers get and how much will we pay in the store?

According to the president of the Association, such a low purchase price of industrial apples, from which the concentrate is produced, is unjustified. As he said, it sells "amazing" on the international market. The European concentrate is very competitively priced compared to the Chinese one, which must be added to the high transport costs.

"The apple concentrate market is very stable and guarantees processors a profit and enables them to pay higher prices for apples", - explained Maliszewski.

"The prices of dessert apples on the domestic market are unsatisfactory, often they do not cover production costs, which range from about 1,2 PLN to 2 PLN/kg (0,26-0,44 Eur/kg). Retail chains offer a price of less than 1 PLN/kg (0,22 Eur/kg) for apples for consumption, and there are even offers at the level of 0,6 PLN/kg (0,13 Eur/kg), and only for some varieties you can get slightly above 1 PLN/kg (0,22 Eur/kg). On the other hand, apples in supermarkets are sold much more expensive, and selected fruits can cost up to 3-4 PLN/kg (0,67-0,88 Eur/kg)", - explained the head of fruit growers.

"As for the dessert apple market, fruit growers are still feeling the effects of the Russian embargo", - emphasized Maliszewski and added that "we are not able to effectively place Polish apples on foreign markets and get good prices for them".

So far, apple exports are going poorly - explained the head of the union, countries use local resources in the first place. But the problem is, because Belarus is not buying apples this year. "Relations with Belarus have deteriorated, which means that apples are not sent to the East", - he said. Ukraine is also not interested in importing Polish fruit. He added that there is also no re-export of apples to Russia.

Currently, most apples go to Egypt

"The effects of the Russian embargo, which has been going on for 7 years, are also felt due to the fact that it focuses on a different type of production. The Russians bought other varieties of apples (eg Idared), and potential Asian customers expect other varieties. It is not possible to easily change the structure of orchards, e.g. for financial reasons, but it continues and the Polish offer is getting better", - he assured.

Currently, apples are planted that will find customers abroad, these are practically three groups of varieties: Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious. Other varieties of apples do not get a good price. On the other hand, in Poland, the most commonly grown varieties are: Ligol, Szampion, Red Jonaprince or Jonagored.

Poland is the leader in apple production after Italy and France. According to Maliszewski, this year's apple harvest will be around 3.5 million tonnes last year, but much lower than in the record-breaking 2018, when 4 million tonnes were obtained. He added that it will be possible to determine the size of the harvest more precisely in about a month, when the apples are stored.

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